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Posted 10 January 2013 - 04:23 PM

A POWERFUL WAZIFA from my Ustaad try it you will not be disappointed...

Bismillah hirrahmanir rahim
In order to withdraw money out of the cash machine you need A. Card. B. pin code. C. You need to have money in the account. D. There's a limit on how much you can withdraw. E. The card must first be activated.

This wazifa has all of this A. Card= this wazifa. B. pin code = the number of times you have to read it. C. Money in account= Allah azza wa jall's unlimited treasures. D. Limit= your believe/yaqeen. The more stronger the believe/yaqeen the more you can withdraw. E. Will be mentioned later.

To be read once in the morning and once in the evening.

Once sura Yaseen (sura no 36) sura Waqiyah (sura no 56) sura Tariq (sura no 86 notice how all these 3 suras end with no 6 there are more secrets that we are unaware of)

100x Laa ilaha illallah almalikul haqqul mobeen

1x Sayyiduna wa nabbiyuna Muhammad rasoolollah sallahu alaihi wasallam sadiqul wa'dil haqqul mobeen.

100x Yaa Latif

Three vital conditions are must for this to work. A. To read it with pure yaqeen and strong belief. B. not to miss it. C. What ever Allah gives you you must spend at least one tenth of it so if you are given from the lord £10 then you give £1, £100=£10, £1000=£100 etc and remember the more you spend the more barakah(blessings) you will receive the more your wealth will increase.

Shaitan promises you poverty as mentioned in the Quran so he will do his utmost best to stop you from reading this wazifa, in fact he will stop you more than he would for prayer because a generous sinner is better than a stingy worshipper.

Your priority should be to read with wudhu and a must if you are reading from a non digital Quran and preferred for a digital copy eg smart phone etc but its better to read without wudhu on your phone etc then to miss it all together. Menstruating sisters can skip the suras and just read the rest.

Know that even if you have a credit/debt card and know the pin number and have balance in your account and if you haven't activated your card then all these things cannot benefit you for you are unable to withdraw a penny unless your card has been activated

The activation in this wazifa is PERMISSION to read the wazifa. Alhamo lillah I have been given permission to read this wazifa by a very pious shaikh who's father served over 15 years inside the tomb of the beloved prophet Muhammad sallahu alai wasallm. I was given permission to give others as well. I was given this wazifa in Ramadhan during sitting i'tikaaf in masjid un nabawi shariff.

It is highly recommended to share this gem amongst our brothers and sisters provided they maintain the proper adab. ( etiquette)

For those who are wondering where is the evidence for all of this? You will find it in the sunnah, read about the virtues of sura yaseen sura waqiya etc.

Remember if you don't see any results don't be discouraged for shaitan would certainly use this against you to stop you from reading. At least you would get good deeds which is the currency of the next world.

Alhamdo lillah this is a multi purpose wazifa not just to gain wealth, even though the regular reader is guaranteed poverty free life, s/he will never become poor ma sha Allah what Allah has willed not in sha Allah if Allah wills for if he willed poverty for you you would not be given tawfeeq to read this in the first place.

Success is from Allah azza wa jall alone wa laa hawla walaa quwwata illa billa hilaliyyil azeem

Shaykh Daud Ahmed Shami
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Ya Imam of all Messengers of Allah
On you i count to reach Jannah
So in this life and the hearafter
Guide me through the way and hold my hand

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